Kintore: Discovering Aberdeenshire's Historic Gem

Kintore, steeped in history since its 12th-century Royal Charter, offers a glimpse into Aberdeenshire's rich past. Recent archaeological digs unveil Neolithic traces dating back 5,000 years BC, showcasing the town's ancient origins.

The name "Kintore," derived from Gaelic "Ceann-an-torr," meaning "head" or "end" of a hill, reflects its geographical significance.

Central to Kintore stands the majestic granite Town House, a testament to its architectural heritage, boasting a grand double staircase leading to the council chamber.

Explore Kintore's landmarks, including Kinkell Church, Balbithan House, Boat of Kintore, Tuach Hill, Hallforest Castle, and historic Turnpike Roads, Canal, and Railway, offering a glimpse into its vibrant past.

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