Johnshaven, a historic fishing village, renowned for its shellfish and its annual Fish Festival draws visitors from around the world

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Johnshaven: Discover Aberdeenshire's Coastal Gem

Johnshaven, nestled on the Aberdeenshire Coast, boasts one of the region's quaint harbours and unique cultural offerings.

Indulge in the local delicacy, the 'Sea Pie', a hearty dish with a rich maritime history. Explore the Benholm and Johnshaven Heritage Museum, housed in a restored Lifeboat Shed, offering insights into the village's seafaring heritage and stunning harbour views.

Experience the vibrant culture of Johnshaven at the annual Fish Festival, celebrating the village's renowned shellfish and maritime traditions.

Inland, Wairds Park provides a tranquil retreat with recreational amenities for all ages. Nearby, enjoy a round of golf at a prestigious links course or explore historic castles.

Immerse yourself in the village's colourful past through the enchanting tales of singer-songwriter Andy Shanks, capturing the essence of Johnshaven's maritime legacy. Plan your trip today and uncover the charm of this coastal gem.

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