Fine examples of Georgian architecture have attracted visitors to this area of Scotland for centuries, from the Scots poet Robert Burns to, more recently, actor Timothy Spall, star of the Harry Potter films

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Plan Your Trip to Banff: Discover Historic Charms and Natural Beauty

Explore Banff, a town steeped in history and surrounded by breathtaking landscapes, attracting visitors from near and far.

Experience the charm of Banff's Georgian architecture, reminiscent of miniature Edinburgh. Visit iconic landmarks such as Banff Castle and 1 High Shore, showcasing the town's historic heyday.

Don't miss Duff House, a grand mansion built in 1740 by William Adam, now home to a prestigious art collection from the National Galleries of Scotland.

Explore Banff's rich heritage at the Banff Museum, where you can discover the town's former glory as a centre of trade, weaving, and silver-making.

Embark on scenic walks, from the picturesque fishing village of Scotstown to the stunning sandy beaches of Banff Links, offering opportunities to spot dolphins and enjoy water activities like fishing and paddleboarding.

Discover the beauty of Banff with Doorstep Explorers, a community project featuring over 50 walking routes curated by the pupils of Banff Academy, showcasing the town's unique culture, heritage, and outdoors.

Enhance your trip with the 'Love Banff and Macduff' app, providing insights into the towns' fascinating history and surrounding landmarks.

Start planning your adventure to Banff today and uncover the hidden treasures of this historic Scottish town.

Plan your trip in Banff

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