Great Outdoors

Venture out in the crisp and clear fresh air with views for miles across great estates and heathery moors.

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Great Outdoors

If successive Royals get to be themselves when here, imagine how you will feel.

Out in the fresh air with extensive views across these great estates, heathery moors and ancient forests. Our mountainous countryside bring you challenge with Munros to be bagged and ski lifts to be boarded on a bright winter’s day taking you to an adrenaline filled decent. Walk along the wide expansive sands that stretch for miles along stunning our coastline and discover nature in its prime along with quaint coastal villages which still stand untouched by modern day life.  

Hiking, riding, mountain-biking, gliding, skiing, snowboarding, kayaking, surfing, kiteboarding … the list goes on. Experience thrills of gorge walking, zip wires and off-road driving, or just escape down a woodland path and roam free.

Our almost endless summer days aren’t the only good time to head outdoors. This part of Scotland is colder, drier, fresher and allows for ample opportunity to be active all year round. After a day exploring the outdoors, head inside for the warming pleasures of a wee dram taken by a roaring fire or a local craft beer in a buzzy city pub.

Whatever your preference, there’s plenty to be discovered here.

Venture into the great outdoors

Venture into the great outdoors

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