Gardenstown also know as 'Gamrie' is a charming cliff-side village set on the north coast of Aberdeenshire


Gardenstown: Clifftop Charms & Coastal Heritage

Gardenstown's unique charm is akin to seabirds nesting amidst cliff crevices, with buildings clinging to steep slopes, offering stunning vistas of the bay.

Discover the village's history as it grew vertically towards the sea, with houses tiered above the harbour, providing envy-inducing views of the picturesque bay.

Explore Gardenstown's quaint harbour, now bustling with small creel boats and pleasure craft, and visit the seasonal Gardenstown Heritage Centre for insights into its fishing industry and past.

Embark on a coastal path linking Gardenstown with Crovie, perfect for dolphin spotting and seabird watching. Don't miss the haunting ruins of St. John's Kirk, a reminder of Gardenstown's tumultuous past.

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