The ancient fishing village of Gourdon is a picturesque harbour village, with fascinating coastal walks

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Explore the Charming Fishing Village of Gourdon

Nestled along Aberdeenshire's picturesque coastline, Gourdon captivates visitors with its historic working harbour dating back to 1820 and enchanting coastal trails.

Discover the captivating maritime history at the Maggie Law Maritime Museum, housed in a former coastguard building. Learn about the remarkable survival story of Maggie Law, a revered lifeboat, and immerse yourself in Aberdeenshire's rich marine heritage.

Indulge in the region's culinary delights with freshly caught seafood, including the famous fish and chips. Visit the traditional quayside shop for a taste of local flavours or purchase fresh fish from the rustic filleting sheds at Gourdon Harbour.

Experience the village's strong cultural heritage firsthand by exploring its quaint streets and interacting with the friendly locals. Plan your trip to Gourdon and uncover the hidden treasures of this charming coastal gem.

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