Cullen homes a mix of brightly coloured cottages built gable end to the sea. The shimmering golden sands of Cullen beach are where the bathing waters are recognised as being of the highest standard in Europe!


Cullen: Your Gateway to Aberdeenshire's Coastal Charm

Nestled on Aberdeenshire's north-facing coast, Cullen is the perfect starting point for exploring the wonders of the Northeast.

Highlights of Cullen:

Indulge in a captivating beach experience and capture stunning photos at the iconic Three Kings rock stack, steeped in Norse legend and local lore.

Explore the scenic remnants of the old Cullen railway, now transformed into a picturesque walking and cycling route offering panoramic views of Cullen Bay.

Discover the charm of Cullen's shops and cafes, where you can savour the world-famous delicacy, Cullen Skink, known for its rich flavour and heritage.

Historic Treasures:

Uncover the history of Cullen at the Cullen Auld Kirk, where the organs of Robert The Bruce's wife rest. Witness a piece of medieval history and explore the fascinating stories behind this ancient landmark.

Immerse yourself in the unique blend of coastal beauty and historical intrigue that Cullen has to offer, making it an essential stop on your Aberdeenshire itinerary.

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