The ancient fishing village of Gourdon is a picturesque harbour village, with fascinating coastal walks

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The ancient fishing village of Gourdon is one of Aberdeenshire’s most attractive settlements with its 1820 working harbour and fascinating coastal walks.

An old coastguard building and one of the village’s biggest tourist attractions is Maggie Law Maritime Museum which can be found in the centre of Gourdon. This popular museum tells the survival story of Maggie Law (a lifeboat, not a person!), and recognises the importance of Aberdeenshire’s marine heritage.

This part of Aberdeenshire is also famous for its fish and chips and even has a traditional quayside shop selling the best of its seafood. You can also buy your fish fresh from the rustic filleting sheds by the Gourdon Harbour.

There’s a strong and distinctive culture which still runs deeply through the warp and weave of this village. It can be best understood and experienced by visiting it for yourself during your trip. 

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