A short distance from Aberdeen you will find the attractive market town of Inverurie. It’s a firm favourite for those looking for a base to explore Aberdeenshire whilst remaining close to the vibrancy of city life

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Inverurie: Your Gateway to Aberdeenshire Exploration

Located just a stone's throw from Aberdeen, Inverurie charms visitors with its rich history and vibrant atmosphere. Discover majestic castles, including the medieval Kinkell Church ruins and the battlefield of Mons Grampius, where Romans clashed with the Picts in 84 AD.

Explore the ancient stone circle and Pictish symbol stone nearby, offering glimpses into Scotland's past. For outdoor enthusiasts, Bennachie hills beckon, with the iconic Mither Tap providing panoramic views of Aberdeenshire's countryside.

Don't miss the unique experience of Thainstone Mart, one of Europe's largest livestock sales, adding to Inverurie's distinctive charm. Plan your journey to Inverurie and embark on an unforgettable Aberdeenshire adventure.

Plan your trip in Inverurie

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