Mixing the traditional with the contemporary, the natural with the innovative, Ellon is a place of true discovery


Explore the Best of Tradition and Innovation in Ellon

Discover the perfect blend of tradition and innovation in Ellon. From the majestic Haddo House and Country Park, offering Victorian grandeur and scenic walks, to the pioneering BrewDog Brewery, leading the craft beer revolution.

Step back in time at Haddo House, a stunning stately home surrounded by picturesque lakes and a deer park. Dive into Victorian history and immerse yourself in the beauty of the estate's monuments.

Experience the craft beer phenomenon at BrewDog, proudly brewing since 2007. Join the Brewery Tour to uncover the secrets behind their world-renowned brews, then sample a variety of flavours at the on-site bar, DogTap.

Venture to nearby Newburgh and the Ythan Estuary for wildlife sightings and untouched coastal beauty, adding to the allure of your Ellon adventure.

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