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Pennan is a rugged yet enduring village made up of a few dozen houses on a single street. As with most other villages on the Banffshire Coast, the collection of colourful houses are all built gable-end to the sea. While Pennan is nothing short of idyllic on a summer’s day, it is equally captivating during winter storms when waves crash onto the pebble beach.

In 1983 Local Hero, starring Burt Lancaster and Peter Capaldi, was filmed on location in Pennan. The film tells the story of an American oil executive who is sent to a remote Scottish village to acquire the village in order to convert it into a refinery. Everyone who comes to visit makes a call from the iconic phone box where oil executive Mac would connect to his Texas HQ, and drop his coins in when he heard the pipes! It’s possible to dine at The Pennan Inn which also featured in the film. However, fans may be a little confused about the interior as scenes in the bar were actually filmed at The Ship Inn along the coast at Banff.

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Whisky Galore! (2016) was also filmed on location in Pennan, and tells the true story of an incident that took place on the island of Eriskay when the SS Politician ran aground with a cargo including 28,000 cases of malt whisky starring James Cosmo and Eddie Izzard.

Click here to view the trailer for Whisky Galore! (2016).


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