Castle Ruins

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Castle Ruins

If you’re looking for epic, breath-taking and unforgettable, you’ve come to the right place. Our ruined castles are amongst some of most photographed iconic Scottish landmarks, and for good reason too. That iconic castle ruin you see in photographs, perched on the edge of a craggy cliff… that’s’ here!

Dunnottar Castle, found close to Stonehaven, perched on an impressive 440 million year-old clifftop, was once so mysterious it was attacked by Vikings, captured by William Wallace, visited by Mary Queen of Scots and even hid the Scottish crown jewels. Today, it’s an awe-inspiring ruin, looking over the roaring North Sea, making it one of Aberdeenshire’s most treasured viewpoints.

Another ruin of significance is Slains Castle.; Resting on the edge of the outstanding Aberdeenshire coastline, the 16th century castle ruin has long played a role in Scottish history, In more recent years, the castle has become the backdrop and inspiration to some of the world’s top writers and filmmakers. 

Further inland lies Huntly Castle, once a baronial residence for five centuries and shelter to Robert the Bruce dating as far back as the 12th century. This motte style castle was well known for its unique architecture which can still be appreciated throughout. 

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