Bedlam Splatmaster

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Splatmaster Edzell Low Velocity Paintballing for Kids age 8 years upwards.

Bedlam Edzell bring you the game thats sweeping the country for kids age 8 years plus. Low Impact Paintball is a NEW type of game play that promotes the same physical activity, teamwork, and thrills as regular paintball! The biggest difference is that it HURTS LESS.

The paintballs shoot just as far, are just as accurate, and still leave a small paint mark when making contact. Low Impact Paintball for all younger groups, and first time players. 

This new game play also encourages more timid players to move up into the action instead of hiding in the back. This means more fun, and no one has to sit out for fear of getting hit. With Low Impact Paintball everyone can get in on the game.

Splatmaster at Bedlam Edzell is the best price fun game for kids aged 8 years and over in the Edzell area. This safety friendly, low impact version of paintball is ideal for birthday parties, family days out, schools, youth clubs and other organisations. JT Splatmaster Edzell is a sporting goods product that shoots colour filled balls that results in a ‘Splat’ on a target or opponent. This ‘Splat’ is easily washes out, is painless and is totally biodegradable and safe.

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