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Great Tapestry of Scotland


By VisitAberdeenshire

I don’t know about you, but for me Sunday afternoons are made for whiling away a few hours in galleries and museums, and with the Great Tapestry of Scotland ...

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Mike + the Mechanics


By VisitAberdeenshire

The last time I saw Mike Rutherford was with The Mechanics on their first Living Years tour in London…in 1989.Before that it was two nights of the four nights ...

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Satrosphere Science Centre


By VisitAberdeenshire

This video of Satrosphere Science Centre has been brought to my attention today and I wanted to share it with the VisitAberdeenshire audience.I always feel a sense of warm-hearted ...

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By 1

I went out on behalf of VisitAberdeenshire to share the love in the Bon Accord Centre. You may have seen me with my box of Roses chocolates and my ABDN ...

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Rambert at His Majesty's Theatre


By Steve Harris

Last night Edel and I headed out into the city for a pre-Valentine’s day treat!First stop was Fusion in North Silver Street for a pre-theatre supper from the ...

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