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10 cultural experiences you’ve got to have in Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire with LNER


By Julia Heys

Embrace and experience Scottish art and culture in Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire.

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Capture the North-east competition top 10 revealed


By Katie Milne

In 2019 the Evening Express went on the hunt for the most beautiful photos of Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire. The ‘Capture The North-east Competition’ received hundreds of entries and a panel of ...

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Romantic escapes to share with your valentine


By Colin Fraser

Charming retreats nestled in majestic countryside, candlelit diners and dreamy walks met with breath-taking coastal views fill Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire, creating the perfect romantic escape to share with your valentine.

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20 must see events in 2020 in Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire


By Katie Milne

Get ready for phenomenal light shows, colourful art festivals and foodie events galore. There’s a jam-packed events calendar coming your way in Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire. Here’s just 20 must see events for 2020.

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Things to do in Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire this spring


By Julia Heys

Wandering through the blooming gardens of Aberdeenshire’s fairy-tale castles; attending a colourful street-art festival or tasting famously fresh seafood straight from the surf! 

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