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Set in Aberdeen & Aberdeenshire!


By Vee Pretorius

There’s something about the scale of this place, between the mountains and sea, which has made it so lovingly used as the backdrop to some of the world’s ...

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A summer city break that looks and feels quite different


By Jenni Fraser

If you’re looking to for a city break different than any other then make sure Aberdeen is at the top of your list. 55 flight routes connect the city to ...

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Join us in celebrating our unique traditions


By Gemma Cruickshank

Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire’s distinctive culture is still alive; ingrained in the warp and weave of its people and its traditions – so much so that there’s a Highland Games ...

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10 realisations you will have when you venture outdoors in #beautifulABDN


By Julia Heys

You might have heard of our castles, our whisky, our golf or even our vibrant cultural scene but the opportunities for outdoor adventure in Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire are just as ...

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10 reasons to visit Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire for food and drink


By Adelle Chessor

Get a taste for Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire with the fantastic foodie events and festivals coming up!1. Drink! Aberdeen returns on the 22nd – 25th May! With a number of events which ...

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