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Take in the sea breeze on a coastal walk along the 165 miles of our stunning coastline, stretching all the way from Cullen to Aberdeen and down to St Cyrus

Our golden sands and dancing waters provide the perfect backdrop for a coastal walk, lined with rugged cliff faces, picturesque coastal villages, castle ruins, nature and wildlife.

In Aberdeen, you can be in the heart of the city and find yourself on the Aberdeen beach front, just a short walk away from the city centre. See surfers riding waves, paddleboards calmly bobbing and urban dolphins leaping from the sea, creating scenes to make you feel miles away from the city.

Venture south of the city and you will find the sands of St Cyrus, where majestic sand dunes and a nature reserve gives you the chance to see peregrine falcons in their natural habitat. Be led to the iconic Dunnottar Castle which stands high above the North-sea on its impregnable rocky perch.

Across to the opposite side of Aberdeen the Bullers of Buchan route packs adventure and discovery from start to finish. Begin at Cruden Bay and make your way past the ruins of Slains Castle sitting on a dramatic cliff face, before making your way to view the sea cave of the Bullers of Buchan just over a mile away.

Make sure to visit nearby Forvie Sands, where tranquil beach walks await along with sights of seals chilling out on the beach bay. There’s history hidden here too, the shifting sands dominate and reveal the half-buried remains of a 12th century church.

Further north to the Banffshire coast is the quaint coastal village of Cullen, known for Cullen Skink (an age-old traditional soup made with potatoes, white fish and cream). Walk along its mile-long sandy beach and find the Three Kings Rocks, a popular spot for photographers eager to get a quirky coastal shot. Climb Castle Hill and you’ll be rewarded with striking panoramic views of Cullen town, coastline and sights of puffins and seabirds in abundance. 

Please always follow the Scottish Outdoor Access code.

Aberdeenshire home to 4 of the 5 highest mountains in Britain

Aberdeenshire home to 4 of the 5 highest mountains in Britain

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