A taste of Scotland made in Aberdeenshire

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A taste of Scotland made in Aberdeenshire

Enjoy a taste of Scotland in Aberdeenshire with Mackie's of Scotland. If and when restrictions allow, we invite you to visit fairy-tale castles, vast beaches, quaint coastal villages and majestic countryside, taste local flavours and even pick from 725,000 flavour combinations at Mackie's first and only ice cream parlour - in the centre of Aberdeen! You can also sample a taste of Aberdeenshire at home with Mackie's new Mini Collection tubs, now available in most Scottish supermarkets. 


If and when restrictions allow you to visit Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire, please refer to the ‘Open for business’ icon at the top of listings to check which great visitor experiences are ready and waiting for you. And if you're heading outdoors, know the guidelines, do plan ahead, and be flexible if it's busy. 

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