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Everything you need to know about the Virtual Highland Games


By Laura Delaney

Gear up for global Virtual Highland Games Day! 

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Documenting My Dinner's top places to eat in Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire


By Kerry Whyte

In honour of #ScotFoodFort20 we teamed up with local foodie blogger, Kerry Whyte, aka Documenting My Dinner. Check out her recommendations on where you should eat in Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire.

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Being the voice of the Highland Games


By Robert Lovie

To be part of any Highland Games is a real joy and I am blessed to have the great fortune of commentating up to a dozen games annually throughout Scotland, ...

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Highland Games: A Traditional Spectacle


By Jim Brown

Jim Brown MBE is Past President of the Scottish Highland Games Association. Jim reflects on the special place that Highland Games continue to have on the culture of the North East of Scotland.

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Virtual events you’ve got to watch in Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire


By Katie Milne

Although many live events may have been cancelled this year, there’s still the option to enjoy virtual events in Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire from the comfort of your own home. Here’s my run down of virtual events to add to your social calendar.

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