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Rediscovering Turriff and Banff


By Megan Beaudry

Join Meg Beaudry as she rediscovers more of what Aberdeenshire's towns have to offer! In this blog, Meg will take you through her trip to Turriff and Banff where she explored an ancient castle and a stunning coastline, whilst also enjoying some local cuisine. 

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Discover award-winning film locations


By Rohan Angus

There’s no doubt that Hollywood is known as the home of movies but across the pond, Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire acts as the backdrop to some film-famous locations that not even the bright lights of Hollywood can match.

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Wellness-boosting water activities to enjoy in Aberdeenshire


By VisitScotland

Water-related activities can be beneficial for our wellbeing and general wellness. With Aberdeenshire boasting 165 miles of continuous coastline, the region offers an abundance of sea activities to be enjoyed.

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History, Heritage and Room to Roam in Huntly


By Vivien Rae

With its rich history and heritage, connections to the outdoors and nature, and array of locally produced Scottish fayre, Huntly offers an authentic appeal and plenty room to roam. 

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Get involved in Nuart Aberdeen 2021


By Rohan Angus

Nuart are asking locals to  take part in a worldwide collaborative project called 'Stuck Up'. Nuart have secured a 1500ft wall space that will be used in the world's biggest paste-up project! 

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