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What to expect from the 23 spaces at Aberdeen Art Gallery


By Colin Fraser

Excitement is building as we all count down the days until Aberdeen Art Gallery re-opens following its multi-million pound development bringing a new floor and increasing its 11 galleries to 19.

Today marks 23 days until the gallery opens its doors to the public to explore on Saturday 2 November and here’s your whistle-stop tour of the 23 spaces to discover when the red ribbon is cut:

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Restaurants in Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire on the 2020 Michelin Guide


By Colin Fraser

Forks at the ready, the 2020 Michelin Guide has been released and eight (yes eight) restaurants in Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire have made it onto the high-brow list. Here’s my mouth-watering run-down of the eight restaurants to make the 2020 guide (*caution* this blog contains content that will give you food envy!): 

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8 places to enjoy the colours of autumn in Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire


By Vee Pretorius

Autumn is one of the most mesmerising times of year when the trees slowly start changing colour and put on a dazzling display. As the temperature begins to drop and the cosy jumpers and boots make their way out from the back of the wardrobe, don’t miss a walk among the vibrant countryside in Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire.

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Coffee stops in Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire


By Colin Fraser

I’m a self-proclaimed coffee fiend who’s always on the lookout for a fly cup and fine piece (Doric for cup of coffee and cake) when I’m touring around Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire. Here are some caffeine fueled spots to add to your next trip to Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire. 

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Halloween events in Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire


By Katie Milne

It’s scary how fast the year is flying past but on the bright side that means it’s almost time for most frightening holiday of the year: Halloween. From family fun events with talking trees to ghost hunts at some of Scotland’s most haunted castles, there are lots of Halloween events to look forward to in Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire.

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