Merchant Quarter

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The Green is one of four administrative medieval quarters recorded by 1399 and was an important point of entry to the city. Religious and mercantile activity has underpinned the life and economics of the area over a 750 year period. The Green remains an important architectural and historic area reminding us of Aberdeen's medieval urban origins through to its nineteenth century expansion.

Carmelite and Trinitarian religious orders established friaries to the south of the Green and near Guild Street by the 13th century, centred on impressive stone built buildings. The strategic position of the Green, close to the developing the harbour and near one of the town "ports" which controlled trade, ensured that the area continued to be closely associated with trading.

Now The Green is surrounded by a fashionable hotel, Carmelite, an excellent seafood restaurant, Bistro Verdi and trendy Café 52, along with independent shops and bars.

The Quarter is also becoming a regular venue for live music, festivals and arts.