Manor Houses

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Manor Houses

Some of Scotland’s finest classical manor houses are located in majestic Aberdeenshire.

Always grand in appearance and subtle in style, these houses often have long and hidden histories. 15th century Haddo House was once the home of a Prime Minister – the house was even lived in by Lady Aberdeen until her passing in 2009.

Whilst Haddo House has been an important home for a series of influential local citizens, Duff House’s architecture has made it one of the most important stately homes in Scotland.  The House itself is adorned with an art collection of paintings from the National Galleries of Scotland.

Affectionately named after its creator James Leith, Leith Hall, built in 1650 on the site of a medieval castle, has a fruitful history to be proud of too.  During World War I, the House was used as a military hospital and today, a typical Scottish Laird’s residence, it still remains owned and used by the Leith family – 10 generations on!

There’s also the chance to explore beyond the manor houses themselves. These imposing houses are surrounded by striking woodland walks and charming gardens. Make the most of the day out and take a picnic with you! 

Manor Houses

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