Banff Harbour Marina

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Banff Harbour, a former fishing and cargo port, came into being in 1625 when rocks were cleared from Guthrie’s Haven to form what is now the inner basin. Further improvements to the harbour were carried out in 1770 by John Smeaton creating what is now the middle basin and the East pier and then again in 1818 by Thomas Telford resulting in the creation of the North Breakwater, forming the outer basin, along with the construction of the lighthouse.

The harbour remained a fishing and cargo port for many years, until siltation began to create a problem (due to a change in the course of the River Deveron) resulting in vessels migrating to the harbour at Macduff. This left Banff principally as a leisure harbour, although a few private fishing vessels do still remain.

In 2007, Banff Harbour Marina was officially opened and now provides safe haven for 76 fully serviced (water and electricity) pontoon berths that can cater for vessels of up to 10 metres in length with a draft of up to 1.8 metres. A number of these berths are reserved exclusively for the many Marina visitors who berth there whilst they are enjoying the delights of sailing the Moray Firth Coastline.

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