With 165 miles of coastline and a strong marine heritage, it’s no surprise that Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire is home to beautifully preserved historic harbours.

Maritime and industrial heritage is still intact within our harbours, acting as time capsules ready to transport you back to 17th, 18th and 19th century with stories of Baltic trade and herring fleets.

Fishing villages perch on clifftops or crouch precariously at the water’s edge with the oldest houses built gable-end on to the weather and the waves – a sight in themselves!

Within these settlements, you’ll find unique attractions giving you insight into the maritime and industrial heritage. And the picture-perfect backdrops of our harbours provide an ideal location for exploring (and for a selfie, or two!).

In fact, the picturesque Portsoy harbour dates back to the 17th century and is home to a vibrant trademark traditional boat festival that welcomes over 16,000 people every year to celebrate the towns fishing heritage, local foods and traditional folk music.

And in Aberdeen, our city port is expanding! By 2023 even more cruise ships will be able to dock in the port’s South Harbour, bringing thousands of international visitors eager to explore Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire.

Please always follow the Scottish Outdoor Access code.

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