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Rugged cliffs and imposing sand dunes overlook our golden beaches along the Aberdeenshire and Banffshire Coast. The city centre beach, lined with seaside cafés, restaurants and even a fairground, leads onto many untouched beaches further along the 165 miles of Aberdeenshire coast.

Our beaches provide the perfect backdrop all year-round for scenic walks, picnics and of course, water sports. Head south of Aberdeen and stop off at Muchalls – there is a small undiscovered beach here. In Stonehaven the beach is built for tourists with its own caravan park, open air swimming pool, ice cream parlour and a famous fish & chip take away (voted the best in the world by Lonely Planet). On the other side of the town you will find the old-fashioned fishing harbour where quaint pubs surround it –  well worth a visit for a wee dram (Scottish for ‘whisky’).

Along the Banffshire Coast, north of Aberdeen, there are countless golden beaches to be discovered. Some known, some less so. Balmedie Beach is the closest to the city and is spectacular with its imposing great dunes. Further along the coast and famous for its magnificent sands, the Sands of Forvie is a wild, sandy sandscape with walks past wildlife and through grand dunes. The shifting sands even reveal the half-buried remains of a 12th century church!

Nature dominates here too with playful dolphins, sunbathing seals and an array of seabirds - including puffins! Nearby to many of our beaches you will find charming fishing villages, impressive lighthouses, championship golf courses and, in some cases, legendary castles.

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