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What do Porter's, Esker and Lone Wolf gin all have in common? They’re all made here in Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire!

And new producers continue to populate the ever-growing gin map. It’s really no surprise that the North-east of Scotland has been named as the best destination in the world for producing gin!

Just walk into any bar or bottle shop and you’ll find local gins lined up and waiting for you to sample. There’s plenty of gins to choose from to give your classic G&T or cocktail a unique and local twist. 

Orchid is known in Aberdeen as a popular spot for some delicious cocktails but hiding underneath is its micro-distillery where Porter's Gin is distilled and bottled. Even the craft beer heavy-weight BrewDog has turned to spirits, creating its very own Lone Wolf gin at their HQ in Ellon.

Delve a little deeper with a gin tasting at some of our top bars or discover the stories behind each gin through a distillery tour.  

Use this 'ginteractive' map or check out the Gin Cooperative's Scottish gin map to help plan your gin experience .

Let the Scottish break beGIN

Let the Scottish break beGIN

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