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7 adventure-fuelled things to do in Aberdeenshire


By Alajode

Scotland is one of the best places in the world to get outdoors, and Aberdeenshire has all the beauty and nature you’d expect of a Scottish region. But it will also get your heart going in other ways, too. If you love adventure and you love the outdoors, you won’t want to miss this lesser-known part of Scotland. Here’s why!

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Castles, Street Art & Coasts: 13 Places to Visit in Aberdeenshire in 3 days


By Watch Me See

If you visit Scotland and want to see fairytale castles, a bustling city and seaside towns and lots of beautiful coastal landscapes, I have got just the region for you: Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire! There are so many wonderful things to do in Aberdeenshire, pleasing history buffs, beach lovers, wildlife watchers, city hoppers and outdoor freaks alike. It would be a shame not to include it in your Scotland trip.

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How to spend three perfect days in Aberdeenshire


By Heart My Backpack

Thanks to their touring routes and trails, Aberdeenshire makes it easy for visitors to find the best sights even if they’re not the most organized planners (oh hey!). Though I feel like this is also a clever ploy to get you to return again and again, because there are so many routes to explore.

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Exploring Aberdeenshire on the North East 250 route


By Rachel Nicole

Last week, I spent a three days in Aberdeenshire. To tell you the truth, I’d never really given it much thought to visiting Aberdeenshire as I wasn’t even really sure what was there. Turns out Aberdeenshire has the most beautiful scenic coastlines, over 260 castles including Her Majesty’s royal estate of Balmoral and potentially the best fish and chips I’ve ever had. And that’s coming from someone who lives at the seaside!

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I found my fairy tale and it's in Aberdeenshire


By Heart My Backpack

I didn’t have much of a plan for my three days in Aberdeenshire aside from driving around and seeing as much as I possibly could. I mean, I assumed I’d find plenty of things to do in Aberdeen, I just wasn’t sure what they would be. But driving around exploring turned out to be the best plan of all – or at least, I had the best time in Aberdeen and the surrounding countryside. I might even go so far as to say I had a magical time. Because Aberdeenshire does feel a bit like a fairy-tale land.

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