Tlf Rewind Reminisce 90S & 00 S [Part 2]

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Vivas Bar & Nightclub
29 Queen Street
AB42 1TP

TLF invite you to join us as we Reminisce the good old clubbing days of the 90s & 00s.
A time when quality dance music nights like Skank were a regular occurrence at venues in Aberdeen, Drum, Joy, Pelican, DeNiros & Neptune bar to name a few..
These days good music can be difficult to come by, we often struggle to find our place in a scene where the dance floors are often full of cameras and fake smiles rather than happy ravers.
Join us as we reminisce a time when the music was great and the dance floors were filled with smiley happy people, lost in the music.
There will be a no camera phone policy at the venue, lets keep it old school so everyone can feel free on the dance floor, as it was back then.
A sticker will be place on your phone camera on entry.
All original vinyl records played by authentic DJs, no sync button failures here

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    Jun. 29, 2024 10:00pm

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    Further ticket info: TBC

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