Slow Marathon 2020: Under One Sky

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Take part in this slow marathon by tracking your walking hours online and help reach the goal of collectively walking 42,000km (26,000 miles) around the world. As part of the project Under One Sky, artist Iman Tajik will combine photos people take of the sky while walking for an art piece.

Our annual Slow Marathon walking event this year will be done remotely, yet together. People can join us from across the world to walk across the globe.

Whatever our different circumstances, we all live under the same sky. The sky, like the virus knows no borders. As an act of hope, solidarity and resilience, we will cumulatively walk as many miles and marathons as we can and as slow as we like. In our small pockets of outdoor access, from our living rooms and around our homes, we will together symbolically walk around the globe.

This event is part of the project Under One Sky, in which artist Iman Tajik will forge a digitally collaborative relationship with many people in their many varied experiences of taking part. For this he is collecting photos of the sky people see while walking. These will be brought together in a massive artwork of all of us under one sky.

The 2020 Slow Marathon will finish when we jointly have walked the 42,000km/26,000miles around the world.

A walk isn’t always a walk! We hope that everyone can join us, whether that’s on two legs, less or more, or on wheels. It’s not about how many miles, km or metres we cover individually, it’s about what we achieve together. Every contribution will help us thread our collaborative trail across the surface of our planet and through as many borders as we can.

About Slow Marathon: co-concepted with Ethiopian artist Mihret Kebede in 2012, Slow Marathon is our annual walking event. Celebrating the human pace, it is both an endurance event as well as a poetic act, that brings together friendship, physical activity and an appreciation of our varied landscape. Before responding to the pandemic, this year’s Slow Marathon was initially planned for Saturday 13 June as a 26mile/42km walk from Cabrach to Huntly.

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