SCO 24/25 The Great Grumpy Gaboon

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Music Hall
Union Street
AB10 1QS

Listen very carefully,
Can you hear a sad tune?
Those are the moans and the groans
of The Great Grumpy Gaboon!

Have you ever felt grumpy? That is exactly how the poor Gaboon feels – really, really grumpy! While the Gaboon’s friends: Long-legged Lin, Fluey-Lu, Woolly Wello and Hoppity Boppit, try everything to cheer Gaboon up, none of them realise that the musical mischief maker, Screature, is lurking in the shadows of the orchestra.

Screature holds the key to the Gaboon’s mood and only with the help of the All-Knowing Umpet, a wise and kindly creature, can the friends solve the mystery of the Gaboon’s grumps.

Join the Grumpy Gaboon and friends on this brand-new musical adventure as together they discover the importance of friendship and forgiveness.

After sell-out performances in Perth, Edinburgh and Glasgow in 2024, these relaxed concerts are not to be missed and are ideal for children aged four to eight and their grown-ups.

BSL Interpreted

Jay Capperauld: The Great Grumpy Gaboon
Corrina Campbell: Story and illustrations
Gordon Bragg: Conductor

Commissioned by the Scottish Chamber Orchestra

  • Dates & Booking

    Feb. 08, 2025 2:00pm

  • Ticket Info

    Standard - £14.00

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