Orange Claw Hammer

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Blue Lamp
121 Gallowgate
AB25 1BU

Captain Beefheart-inspired band.

Steve Kettley’s Orange Claw Hammer makes a return for those crazy Captain Beefheart fans!

Orange Claw Hammer is a band of fine musicians with a desire to enjoy, share and play with the music of Captain Beefheart. Deeply rhythmic and rooted in the blues before spiralling off into free association, their music is a wondrous cacophony of finely tuned chaos. Even though the vast majority of the music is instrumental, much like Beefheart’s contemporary Frank Zappa, there’s a humour at play, a desire to stimulate and titillate through complex offbeat grooves and a clatter of noise. It’s a wonderful, exhilarating recreation of Beefheart’s experimentations, improvised and reinterpreted by Kettley and his quartet.

“OCH are fabulous! Of all the things I saw in the Edinburgh Festival the stand out performance was OCH in a cellar bar, the band is tight. OCH are a brilliant set of musicians with a love of Beefheart. It is part homage, part wild eyed evening of grand riffs and virtuoso playing.” - Mark Thomas, comedian/activist.

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    Oct. 17, 2019 8:00pm

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    Standard - £15.00

    Concession - From £5.00 - £12.00

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