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The Tunnels
Carnegies Brae
AB10 1BF

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Interesting Music Promotions are delighted to announce our first event since our wonderful sold out show back on Valentine's night 2020...

It really would take something special to get us out of our gig slumber & we are utterly thrilled to have not one but two utterly superb artists we have worked with before and are delighted to have them play one of our nights again

Kuunatic (JP) (Glitterbeat Records)
Seas, Starry

Sat 28th May 2022
The Tunnels
Doors 7.15pm
Live Curfew 10.30pm
Venue Curfew 11pm

Tickets £11.50 plus booking fee

So far in advance of late May 2022, we do not know what Covid 19 restrictions will be in place when this event takes place but we will definitely have an event with less capacity and more emphasis on advance sales.

Kuunatic (JP) (Glitterbeat Records)

Those of us who attended their first ever Scottish date at Tunnels back in Sept 2018 will long remember the utter joy and total eclectic sound their set provided. October 29th 2021 sees the launch of their first LP Gate Of Klüna and its already picking up great reviews and even coverage on BBC 6Music (Freak Zone, Steve Lemacq and Tom Ravenscroft).

Bolstered by diverse global sonics and powerful female vocals and drawing on the members different musical and cultural perspectives, KUUNATIC's music explores ritual drumming, pulsing bass lines, atmospheric keyboard sounds and Japanese traditional instruments. Produced by Tim DeWit (Gang Gang Dance) the record reveals a mesmerizing soundworld that transcends genres and hemispheres and succeeds in being both boldly experimental and wildly catchy.

"Julian Cope once wrote that Japanese rockers thrust everything they discover from the outside world through their own singularly Japanese filter, [] often bringing forth something magnificent and wholly better than that which had first inspired it. Given we are dealing with a band whose drummer, Yuko Araki, proclaimed (in an interview with African Paper) that they are ultimately unclassifiable though I could say we are Kuurandian, it is futile to give Kuunatic any anchoring in terms of style or scene; though recognizing fragments of other sounds is great fun. Fumie considers Cope's premise. It applies to us in some sense. We like to mix and experiment with everything we saw, heard, experienced and thought, not only in Japan but elsewhere, to create a unique world. During long tours we always talk a lot, experience the same things, play around, come up with very bizarre ideas and make them into songs. Kuurandia is like our imaginary utopia. We dont think we are excellent players, but we believe that we always passionately embody our ideas and our adoration for fantasy.

"The listener is advised not to cast their net too narrowly, as Kuunatic's music seems to invoke many responses around the world. This writer hears the echoes of weird off-kilter hybrids and psyched out chamber music from the likes of Os Mutantes, Basil Kirchin, The Raincoats or Manfred Hübler. Drummer Yuko again: it's interesting that audiences always try to categorize us according to so many different musical genres. But musical interpretations will inevitably circle around their home base on their other planet, Japan. Japanese audiences sometimes consider Kuunatic as amplified Shinto shrine maidens (miko). Fumie chips in. Our sound consists of many different kinds of music, but certain unique Japanese instruments and their sounds give a special atmosphere to Kuunatic's world. Japanese traditional music exists in very close proximity to us even if we dont go to see Gagaku (Japanese shrine music) or Kabuki (Japanese traditional theatrical performance). Fumie has been playing the Kagura flute (Japanese shrine music flute) since childhood, Shoko's name includes the Japanese character which means a Japanese traditional instrument, and Yuko sometimes visits a Homa burning at a temple and listens to their powerful chanting rhythm. We hear traditional music everywhere at summer festivals in Japan, so the music is imprinted in us as a very familiar sound.

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Seas, Starry
Hailing from Aberdeen, Scotland, Seas, Starry are a noisy kraut/psychedelic/ambient inspired four piece band.
"Gorgeous, soaring waves of guitars which feedback and squall deliriously with fluid and organic rhythms- Active Listener See less
Formed in 2010, Seas, Starry have released two full length albums to date. Their debut album Tyto Alba was strongly influenced by the likes of Labradford, My Bloody Valentine and Errors, whilst the follow up Triangle Teeth was an energetic and discordant release, recorded live in the space of ten hours.
The Anatomy EP, released digitally by Make That A Take Records and on CD by Ripcord Records is the latest release from Seas, Starry, self-recorded during the COVID lockdown.

www.seasstarry.bandcamp.com - for streaming & downloads
www.seasstarry.bigcartel.com - for vinyl purchasing

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