Killer Quines: Ne Scotland's Murderesses

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Academy Of Expressive Arts
8A Gaelic Lane
AB10 1JF

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A brand new illustrated talk featuring the real-life lady killers of NE Scotland; beginning back in the mists of time with the infanticides, women who were with child out of wedlock, usually to a master or lairds son, faced with dismissal, they murdered their babies but end up in the dock, including Christian Phren, one of the few child-killers to be executed in Aberdeen back in 1752. Society may have looked down on them, but there was a shred of compassion for these abused females.Then the crimes of passion; whether with malice aforethought in the case of the weel-ken publican, Catherine Humphrey, who poisoned her butcher husband, and lesser-known scorned servant, Anne Inglis, who also put acid in the drink of her ex BF, her own boss, or through finally snapping after years of abuse as in the case of Helen Reid, who stabbed her husband with a table knife, or indeed, in trying to defend themselves from male predators, which was the possible reason behind 20th century killer, Barbara Torleifsons crime.Lastly, we look at Aberdeens true psychopath child-murderer Jeannie Donald, who took the life of her eight year old neighbour, Helen Priestly, out of jealousy. Her methods disgusted the jury and the police, but her crime was proved by forensic evidence, perhaps one of the first to be. Jeannies silence in the court left a generation puzzled as to her crime. Using evidence from the actual trial document, we will attempt to piece together the weird workings of this womans outrageous mind.Not for the faint-hearted, due to the nature of some of the cases, but a must for all fans of true-crime. Over 14s only.AND introducing our brand new venue - the Aberdeen Academy of Expressive Arts in Gaelic Lane, the building with the red door round the corner from ONeills.

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