Jack And The Beanstalk

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The Tivoli Theatre
34 - 48 Guild Street
AB11 6NB

Fee Fi Fo Feen, Easter Pantomime is back at Aberdeen!

Following from the Sucess of Beauty and the Beast in 2019, we are back for another Gigantic Easter Pantomime at The Tivoli as we reach new heights in 'Jack and the Beanstalk'Jack lives on a farm with his brother 'Silly Billy' and Mum 'Dame Trott'.

The Trotts are a very poor family and have to take drastic action and sell their cow, Daisy! On the way to Market Jack comes across a hilly billy who little does he know is Giant Blunderbores henchman. Jack is tricked into selling Daisy for 5 beans, but these are no ordinary beans but MAGIC BEANS! When Jack returns home his mother sends him straight to bed although and throws the beans out the window but when he wakes up the following morning, they are all surprised to see a huge beanstalk has grown in place of the beans!Will Jack manage to climb the beanstalk, save Princess Jill who has been captured by Fleshcreep and defeat the evil giant blunderbore? You'll have to get down to The Tivoli This Easter an join us for our Easter Panto, its the one you've all 'bean' waiting for!

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