Fraser Fifield and Graeme Stephen

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Aberdeen Art Gallery
AB10 1FQ

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Working across a range of styles, including folk and jazz and international traditions, the piper, saxophonist and whistle master Fraser Fifield and his guitarist partner, Graeme Stephen have developed an understanding over the past twenty years that has brought wide recognition.

Presenting selections from Fraser Fifield’s 9 solo recordings of original instrumental material released from 2001 until present, featuring Fraser’s low whistle, smallpipes and saxophone alongside Graeme Stephen’s guitar.

The Scottish piping tradition is represented through renditions of classic Ceol Mor pieces re-interpreted on saxophone, such as Lament for the Children and Catherine’s Lament

The duo’s North-East roots are hinted at with pieces such as ‘Strathspey A93’ and ‘Fa Wid Wearie in a Wid’.

While Scottish tradition informs the duo’s sound so too does the art of improvisation. Original compositions such as ‘Eitnach’, ‘Stereocanto’, ‘Dark Reel’, ‘Signs of Life’ are bases for the musician’s explorations, so too a Paul Motion piece, ‘It Should’ve Happened a Long Time Ago’.

Fraser has enjoyed much international collaboration over many years, notably with musicians from Argentina, India and Bulgaria and Norway and these eclectic influences are reflected in pieces such ‘South Atlantic Seven’, ‘Sofia Rakia’, ‘Dardarkar’s Dance’, and others.

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