Ancient and Older Tales from Scotland

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Haddo Country Park
AB41 7EQ

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Hear true tales of the Picts, Britons and Gaels who lived long ago in this land, stories of battle-strife and epic triumphs, as well as quieter tales of wisdom, wonder and magic! Booking: 1. The First Noble Retinue of the Island of Britain: the story of Mynyddawg the Wealthy’s ill-fated expedition from Din Edyn (Edinburgh) to Catraeth (Catterick in North Yorkshire). 2. Fionn MacCumhail & the Old Man’s House: an uncanny Celtic Wisdom tale. 3. Dunnichen Moss A.D. 685: the mighty Northumbrian army, undefeated in thirty years, ‘meet their Waterloo’ at the hands of the Pictish King Bridei. Told entirely in heroic verse, the Anglo-Saxon alliterative line and the Brythonic ‘Englyn Milwr’ or ‘Soldier’s Verse’. 4. Maelbrigte Buck-tooth: A Pict’s revenge exacted on a perfidious Viking, a story that has come down to us from the Icelandic ‘Orkneyinga saga’. 5. Thomas the Rhymer: author of the earliest known poem in Scots, Thomas’s powers of poetry extended to those of prophecy – but how came he by these otherworldly arts?

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