Alice Sara Ott: Echoes of Life

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Music Hall
Union Street
AB10 1QS

Echoes Of Life is a musical and visual journey brought to you by one of classical music’s most creative minds, Alice Sara Ott. It not only reflects on the thoughts and personal moments that continue to influence my life, but also portrays how I see my role as a classical musician today and how I want to expand my artistic horizon.

The dimensions and possibilities in which we can express ourselves artistically and connect with other art forms are things I have always been fascinated by. With this project I realize a long-held dream of mine to combine the worlds of music and architecture.

The collaboration with architect Hakan Demirel gives Echoes Of Life a physical dimension, a visual narrative. Hakan and his team of 19:4 architects have designed and created a digital world, inspired by an intense exchange of thoughts and ideas over the course of a year. The digital video installation that accompanies the entire length of the music is not a movie. There are no people in it, there is no action, no clear story line. The video shows architectural spaces that reflect the music. It evokes emotions and subtle references that hopefully will invite the audience to find their own stories, memories and echoes within those spaces.“

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    Nov. 29, 2022 7:30pm

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