Food and drink in Aberdeenshire

Sample world-famous quality local food and drink

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Food and Drink

Sample world-famous quality local food and drink across Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire.

Our Aberdeen Angus beef is much-prized. Dean’s rich traditional shortbread is made in Huntly. And Ellon, just north of Aberdeen, is home to craft beer revolutionaries, Brewdog.

Aberdeenshire is known for the quality and scale of the arable land and rich pastures. We’re known for our fresh seafood including the affectionally named silver darlings that are landed every day in harbours and seaports along the 165 miles of coastline.

Inland you’ll find great estates with a wealth of venison and game. From fields and rivers, the clean clear springs and moorland peat that help to create the perfect dram (Scottish for glass of whisky).

Nature and ingenuity combine to create unrivalled taste.

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