Bars & Nightlife

With 135 to choose from, Aberdeen & Aberdeenshire have a number of traditional pubs and bars, many of which host live music and ceilidh nights.

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Bars & Nightlife

Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire is home to countless bars and pubs serving up traditional favourites as well as contemporary flavour fusions. Bars specialising in craft beer, whisky, gin and cocktails fill the city and make a perfect start, middle or end point to your visit to the city.

For those looking for a true Scottish bar experience, the traditional pubs in villages around Aberdeenshire are the perfect place to experience our unique Doric culture first-hand.

The city centre is a popular choice for those looking to experience the area’s nightlife. The city’s granite mile (otherwise known as Union Street) and joining streets are lined with some of the best and stylish bars around. Our bars are known for being the perfect spot to be entertained with stand-up comedy nights, live music and performing arts.

Marvellous mixology is no stranger to the city, with plenty of cocktail bars creating the perfect mix of flavoursome glassfuls, mixology classes and even bartending tricks. Scotland’s top cocktail bar can be found in Aberdeen too, popular bar Orchid creates stylish, classic and contemporary cocktails and even produce its own gin, Porter's.

Speaking of gin, there has been a local boom of botanical blends over the past few years creating a powerful catalogue of local spirits to dive into. Just walk into most of our bars and you’ll discover iconic gins waiting to be sipped. 

If you desire a traditional tipple, a dram of local whisky that uses water from our burns, barley from our fields and peat giving you an authentic taste of Scotland. If you can’t fit in a distillery tour while you are here, there are plenty of tasting experiences to book enabling you to discover the art of distilling behind some of our iconic drams.

You can taste some of the finest craft beer in the world in Aberdeen which has over seven craft beer bars. Some have come together to create a craft beer kilometre, giving enthusiasts a pre-planned route to hop from bar to bar and taste some fantastic local brews.  

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