Wellness-boosting water activities to enjoy in Aberdeenshire

In the past year, Scots have been exploring the beauty of their own country more than ever before. The pandemic has seen us reconnect with nature in the simplest of ways. Whether it has been the daily walks to get some fresh air or taking up a new outdoor sport.

Water-related activities can be beneficial for our wellbeing and general wellness.

With Aberdeenshire boasting 165 miles of continuous coastline, the region offers an abundance of sea activities to be enjoyed.

Here are some water-based activities you can experience:

Take a coastal walk on the cliffs 

Aberdeenshire is known for its breathtaking seascapes. The Aberdeenshire Coastal Trail allows you to discover many miles of untouched beauty. From dramatic clifftops to enchanting coves and seaside towns, explore Forvie National Nature Reserve, visit the Museum of Scottish Lighthouses in Fraserburgh, or take-in Macduff, Banff and Portsoy and the Macduff Marine Aquarium. Take in the fresh sea air and momentarily let go of life's daily stresses. 

Spot some marine wildlife 

Wherever you are in Aberdeenshire, you’re sure to spot some wildlife but especially on the coast. From the coastlines, you will be able to see everything from orcas to puffins and otters.

Here at VisitAberdeenshire, we always encourage that you watch marine wildlife in their natural habitats from a safe distance. Why not take a guided boat tour with experts who can increase your chances of sighting the magnificent creatures of the North Sea? 


Try Out Some Watersports

Why not try embracing your wild side and try some new watersports? Watersports are an excellent way to reconnect with nature with a kick of adrenaline. From paddleboarding to diving, to surfing the waves of the North Sea - there is a watersport to suit everyone.

Visit Cairngorms National Park 

Situated in the heart of Aberdeenshire, the Cairngorms National Park is twice the size of the Lake District and boasts many water-based activities just waiting to be explored. Here you will find a glacier pothole once covered by a glacial ice sheet 16,000 years ago. Today, visitors can (carefully) climb by the stream of water that is left behind. 

Another natural water beauty in the Cairngorms is the ‘Earl of Mars Punchbowl’ which, you can find along the River Quinoch. Take in the peaceful beauty and listen to the stream of the flowing water that runs through.


Please take care around our region's waters, and be mindful of the environment and make alternative plans if the area is too busy.
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