Top 5 Ways To Do the Wild Dolphin Trail

1. Dress in costume!

 You could join Spiderman and enjoy the dolphins as a caped crusader!

Spiderman costume

2. Get your skates on!

The Granite City Roller Girls accepted our Wild Dolphin challenge and skated part of the trail near the beach front.

Granite City Roller GirlsGranite City Roller GirlsGranite City Roller Girls

3. Run a race!

The VisitAberdeenshire team made the most of a sunny day and split into teams of two/three and raced to scan the most dolphins in 2 hours! Though admittedly, judging by how composed we were upon our return to the office - I don't think anyone actually ran.

The VisitAberdeen team

CEO Steve Harris does the Wild Dolphin Trail

 4. Come on and do the conga!

You could grab a group of friends or even better get the community involved and start the biggest conga you can!


5. Get #dolphies with them all - just like Angus!

Angus the Bull