Mike + the Mechanics

The last time I saw Mike Rutherford was with The Mechanics on their first Living Years tour in London…in 1989.


Before that it was two nights of the four nights in a row, then a record, at the old Wembley Stadium that Genesis played in the summer of 1987.

Last night it was The Music Hall in Aberdeen and whilst there were many winners (including the Dons beating Celtic yet again!) the old hall was one of them.  Dating from 1822, it is doubtful that Archibald Simpson had an evening with Mike + The Mechanics in mind when he designed it, but last night the joys of seeing a proper band of great musicians in an intimate venue big enough to generate a big atmosphere was just brilliant.  No need for big screens here.

It is easy to forget that The Mechanics, in various guises, have been at it for 29 years and that they have a prodigious back catalogue.  No obscure numbers required to pad out this show out.  Greatest hits were the order of the day for two hours with a band that are only doing it for fun; because they want to.


Beggar on a Beach of Gold kicked it all off, Another Cup of Coffee followed and we were off.  The audience were warmed up; it takes a bit of time for most of us these days, including Mr Rutherford, who thought he was in Perth! (That’s Thursday, Mike). Silent Running, All I Need is a Miracle, Over My Shoulder, Nobody’s Perfect and the rest all followed.

Three “covers” were thrown in for good measure, one from band member Andrew Roachford, and two from the Genesis back catalogue, Turn it on Again, stripped down from the massive early ‘80s medley back to the original Duke version, and I Can’t Dance, including a spoof of the We Can’t Dance Tour logo, which rather proved the point!

The night started to move towards an ending with The Living Years (about BA Robertson’s relationship with his father, not Rutherford’s with his as is commonly thought) and ended with the whole place on its feet for Word of Mouth led by a surprising number of young people!

Great night!

Edel and I started at the evening at Aperitivo in Bon Accord Street.  We loved grazing around their fresh Italian menu and the Pinot Grigio – Sauvignon Blanc blend is a belter! And if there are friendlier staff in Aberdeen, we haven’t met them yet!


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