Get involved in Nuart Aberdeen 2021

The Nuart team have returned to the streets of Aberdeen again this year to paint the city walls with jaw-dropping creations. 

You may have noticed some of the stunning artwork already, but here are some of this year's artists and their highlights in case you're yet to experience these beautiful pieces.

1. KMG

Scottish-based artist KMG introduced us to their character 'Ken', who just so happens to takeover the third biggest wall by any Nuart Aberdeen artist! 

Have you found Ken yet?


2. Henrik Uldalen 

This piece from self-taught artist Henrik Aarrestad Uldalen is simply mind-blowing. Henrik's work emerged over the course of four days, and is worth seeing in-person so you can really take in the attention to detail.



World-renowned artists SNIK made use of hand-cut, multilayered stencils in this extraordinary piece that was months in the making.


How can you get involved?

This year, Nuart is asking you to take part in a worldwide collaborative project called 'Stuck Up'. Nuart have secured a 1500ft wall space that will be used in the world's biggest paste-up* project! 

*A paste-up is an artwork on paper, pasted to a wall with wheat-paste which is a form of self-made glue.

To quote Nuart themselves, 'Nuart is now inviting submissions from across the globe, in an ‘open call’ to artists, poets, witches and pirates to contribute to the spectacle, creating a truly collaborative concept and ignoring the borders that become more oppressive each year.'

Post your artwork to the below address for the chance to be a part of history:

'Stuck Up'

The Anatomy Rooms

Marischal College

Shoe Lane


AB10 1AN

United Kingdom