Finding my inner Tarzan at Go Ape!

Walking willingly off the edge of a nine meter platform in the middle of a secluded forest wouldn’t normally be my idea of fun, but I couldn’t help but enjoy the physical and mental challenge of Go Ape forest adventure at Crathes Castle in Aberdeenshire

Located on the grounds of the historic 16th century castle near Banchory, Go Ape is a high rope adventure course that is fit for all ages.  Forget about your fear of heights or your fitness level, Go Ape is all about letting loose and having fun in the forest canopy.

We arrived at Go Ape on a beautiful sunny morning and following a detailed safety briefing from our friendly instructor, it was time to lead our group of five to tackle the first challenge.  A cross between the Krypton Factor and Total Wipe Out, Go Ape challenges your balance and your ability to put mind over matter – you are always thinking about your next move and how your body will contort itself into the easiest form to complete the tree top challenge.

You work under your own steam to complete each section of the course, but having the support from your friends certainly helps to make the whole experience more enjoyable.  The most memorable sections of the course are the long zip lines and the Tarzan jump – where you have to freefall from a platform towards a cargo net on the opposite side.  I tried my hardest to jump graciously with a Tarzan like yell, but instead my trembling legs gave way and I fell from the ledge like a sack of potatoes pushed from a great height, skirling all the way towards the safety net on the other side – what a sight and what fun!

I highly recommend going to experience Go Ape and while at Crathes Castle, why not explore the grounds, gardens and 16th century tower house, with its intricate maze of turrets, towers, oak panels and painted ceilings.  A great day out for the family, group of friends or for team building.