17 places to visit in Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire in winter

Looking for the perfect places to take in wonderful winter scenery? There's no shortage of magical locations throughout the North-east that'll get you into the festive spirit. Get inspired by these mesmerising photos that have been taken over the years!

1. Aberdeen

Kicking off this list is this phenomenal shot of Aberdeen. The combination of the snowy cityscape and the red sunset is so pleasing to the eye. 

DO NOT USE Aberdeen by pkveiberg

Credit: Per Kristian Veiberg

2. Balmedie Beach

We’re used to white sandy beaches in the North-east, but this is taking it to a whole new level. You can almost smell the crisp sea breeze as you look at this shot of Balmedie Beach

DO NOT USE Balmedie Beach by Lee Fowlie

Credit: Lee Fowlie Images

3. Balmoral Castle

A castle that needs no introduction, Balmoral Castle is the Scottish home of the Royal Family and it’s nothing short of a fairy-tale when it takes on its winter attire. 

DO NOT USE Photo by Balmoral Castle

Credit: Balmoral Castle

4. Braemar

What do you get when you cross a Wes Anderson movie with a Christmas classic? Probably something like this. The Great North of Scotland Railway building is one of the most photographed spots in Braemar. Add snow to the mix and it’s somehow even more charming! 

DO NOT USE Braemar by On the Road Again Travels

Credit: On the Road Again Travels

5. Bridge of Don, Aberdeen

A wee layer of snow and Aberdeen starts to look more like Narnia than reality. How enchanting is this photo taken in Bridge of Don?

DO NOT USE Bridge of Don by Dan Christie

Credit: Dan Christie

6. Brig O'Balgownie

Taken from the ancient Brig O'Balgownie, this shot emphasises just how lovely Christmas time in Aberdeen can look.

DO NOT USE Aberdeen by jasonon3d51

Credit: jasonon3d51

7. Castle Fraser

Another one of the North-east's mesmerising landmarks, Castle Fraser makes for a perfect winter's walk with all the family.

DO NOT USE Photo by Castle Fraser NTS

Credit: Castle Fraser NTS

8. Corgarff Castle

Can you spot Corgarff Castle amongst this snow-filled landscape? The castle blends into its surroundings perfectly.

DO NOT USE Corgarff Castle by Ally Deans

Credit: Ally Deans Photography

9. Dinnet

Here is an example of a photo that would fit perfectly on a Christmas card - or even framed in your living room! 

DO NOT USE Dinnet by Mark Fairley

Credit: Mark J Fairley

10. Drum Castle

There is something almost ethereal about this shot of Drum Castle basking in the early morning light. 

DO NOT USE Drum Castle by Michael Diamond

Credit: Michael Diamond

11. Dunnottar Castle

One of the most iconic castles in Scotland, Dunnottar Castle is a must-visit when you're in the region. 

DO NOT USE Dunnottar Castle by Per Kristian Veiberg

Credit: Per Kristian Veiberg

12. Fyvie Castle

Imagine emerging through the trees and being greeted with this beautiful sight. You can practically hear the snow crunching under your feet as you approach Fyvie Castle.  

DO NOT USE Photo by Fyvie Castle

Credit: Fyvie Castle

13. Glen Tanar

Taken in 2020, Glen Tanar completely transforms into a winter wonderland once the snow falls on this Royal Deeside highlight.

DO NOT USE Photo by Glen Tanar

Credit: Glen Tanar

14. Haddo House

Haddo House Estate looks incredible in every season. This is a great spot for the whole family on a bright and crisp winter’s day! 

DO NOT USE Photo by Steve Dunthorne

Credit: Steve Dunthorne

15. Old Aberdeen

Old Aberdeen transports you back in time as you wander down the cobbled streets. Add some snow to the mix and it’s even more magical. 

DO NOT USE Photo by University of Aberdeen

Credit: University of Aberdeen

16. Pennan

Charming fishing villages are the norm in Aberdeenshire. Pennan is an idyllic landmark sandwiched between the wild North Sea and the frosted cliffs.

DO NOT USE Photo by Map of Joy

Credit: Map of Joy

17. SnowRoads Scenic Route

The SnowRoads Scenic Route showcases the breathtaking and rugged landscapes featured in the Cairngorms National Park and Royal Deeside - you can expect plenty of peaceful scenery such as this.

DO NOT USE Photo by A D Granty

Credit: Alex Grant

This is just a sample of the incredible places to visit in Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire this winter. For more inspiration, please visit our Winter page.

Don’t forget to share your favourite snaps of Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire in winter using the hashtag #WinterABDN or #VisitABDN.

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