The Victorian Séance

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Wyness Hall
Jackson Street
AB51 3QB

This October, Impossibilities is excited to be able to invite people once again to experience a genuine Victorian-style séance. The idea of summoning spirits took the Victorian world by storm - and it’s every bit as thrilling today. Without any of the modern technology used in ghost hunting TV shows, these evenings strip it back to basics making it an intimate, hands-on experience. Guests can expect to take part in psychic games and experiments, tarot card readings, past life regressions and more. They can try their hand at various traditional methods of spirit communication before finally, we turn out the lights and ask the fateful question: “is there anyone there?”. Who, or what, will answer?

  • Dates & Booking

    Oct. 08, 2022 8:00pm

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    Oct. 22, 2022 8:00pm

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