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Prints on display here are high quality giclee prints of Jane Lannagan original batiks printed on an Epson Stylus Pro 7800 printer using Epson K3 Chromatic lightfast inks.  The paper used is 315gsm cold press rough textured by Innova Art Ltd.  Prints will be colourfast for at least 70 to 80 years if kept out of direct sunlight.    

Jane Lannagan's original work, prints and art cards can be seen at Tomintoul Art Gallery, 82 Main Street, Tomintoul, AB37 9HA

Telephone 01807 580458/356 and at her website or email

Jane Lannagan Statement

I was born and educated in Edinburgh. Despite an artistic family background I did not attend any art college, instead my early working life was science based.  My love for the batik technique started during a course on dress and design at Queen Margaret College and it quickly became one of my favourite pastimes.  I get my inspiration from many things, light and shade in a landscape for example and I find the hues and textures of the countryside in the North Central Highlands where I live,  particularly fascinating.  The use of wax and dyes gives a great fluidity to the work and I feel that I achieve a unique quality that can be fully appreciated alongside the more conventional techniques of oil and watercolour.

The technique I use is not entirely a traditional one, but still involves the use of a resist, which can either be wax or gutta.  The materials can be anything, the finest silks, cottons, linens and even muslins and I use heat fix dyes. With a small spout tjanting I can achieve very fine lines, but I don’t care too much for actually outlining everything and filling in with the dyes.  I prefer to build up the shapes and figures in an area of dye then wax out the shades I wish to keep,leaving an area of new colour when the next dye is applied.  Using the wax pens and brushes I like to achieve texture and movement in my work. When a particular image or scene appeals to me I immediately start to translate it into a picture in my mind.  As the last colours achieved are darkest I have to work in negative to get the final result and all the time bearing in mind that the resultant shades are a build up of dye colours.

I don’t exactly know why I love this method of creating images; perhaps it is that the dyes on silks can give a bright jewel-like finish as easily as theycan give a delicate tint, perhaps it is that the final picture is never quite what I originally planned and I love theelement ofsurprise or maybe it is just a masochistic tendency, because living in the colder north, especially in winter, makes it very hard to get wax to the material before it solidifies!                      



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