Festivals & Events

Festivals and events are deeply rooted in our people and in our culture. Experience our ancient traditions and discover new ones

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Festivals & Events

True North. Granite Noir. Spectra. Braemar Gathering. Scottish Traditional Boat Festival. Stonehaven Fireballs Ceremony.

Even the names conjure up a different kind of place. And it’s true to say that events and festivals here are especially rooted … in the people and their distinctive Doric culture, and in the very particular location. Light, music, dance and culture are all uniquely celebrated in ways that are sometimes traditional, sometimes contemporary, and often significant – nationally and internationally.

Whether along the dramatic coast, among the farmland, forests and glens or around the city – these events are shaped by their setting. Some are held in the open air, using the special quality of light in both summer and winter to dramatic effect. Others take place inside atmospheric venues. There are intimate spaces such as the Salmon Bothy in Portsoy, Woodend Barn in Banchory or the Blue Lamp in Aberdeen. Then there are the “national treasures” – the opulent His Majesty’s Theatre (described by Billy Connolly as “like playing a gig inside a wedding cake”) and the A-listed Aberdeen Music Hall, all dressed and polished granite and at the heart of the city’s cultural life for nearly two centuries.

This is a part of the world where communities still come together to continue ancient traditions or spark new ones into life – and the sense of belonging is potent. Join in with an event while you’re here, and then you’ll really start to understand this special place.



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