St Machars Cathedral

The region is home to a number of magnificant places of worship. Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire is home to a number of important buildings, architecturally and historically.

The way some locals tell it, Aberdeen is one of the very few places in the UK to have three order to increase the odds of staying on the right side of the Almighty?

Many would say that Aberdeen has done well out of the arrangement but the truth is that Aberdeen has long had a history of religious tolerance exemplified by the magnificent, yet diverse, cathedrals of St Machar's Cathedral, the oldest of the three and used by Church of Scotland worshippers; the Episcopal Cathedral Church of St Andrew which dates back to 1716; and St Mary's RC Cathedral, which was built in 1860.

St Machars, in Old Aberdeen, the only medieval granite cathedral in the world, has been a place of worship, since 580AD.  A charming story tells that St Machar, a contemporary of St Columba, had a dream to build an early church on this particular site because it was on the bend of the river Don which was shaped like the handle of a Bishop's crook.

Queen Victoria chose to worship here in Crathie Kirk in 1848 and laid the foundation for the new church building in 1893.